Whaleshead Beach Family Session, Brookings. Oregon

So many times I hear from parents that they are STRESSED OUT by the time they get to our photo shoot.  Trying to wrangle the kids, pick everyone’s outfits, make sure they don’t wreck said outfits before they even get to the photo shoot, make sure that everyone is fed, and happy, and clean, and on and on the list goes.  And listen I get it.  Getting everyone ready is hard work, no doubt about that.  But I’m here to take a little stress off your shoulders, and help you relax.  This should be a fun process!  I can help with the styling and decision making, I’m great at that part, it’s kind of what I do.  You make sure the kids all eat dinner and get a nap before our session so they have the best chance possible of being in a great mood for the session.  And then after you get there, take a deep breath…..it’s going to be okay.  Yes the kids will run around and play and explore.  It’s okay!  Yes they will get some sand, or grass, or water on their clothes.  It’s okay!  Yes they might be reluctant to smile.  It’s okay!  I promise that no matter what we will capture your family just as they are, and it will be beautiful.  You know why?  Because families are beautiful.  I see right through the mess and the chaos, and the noise.  Right into the heart of who your family is.  I’m in the middle of raising my own large family, so I know a thing or two about mess, and chaos and noise (and teenagers rolling their eyes).  And frankly I think it’s all perfection.  Beautiful chaos.  Wild, crazy, beautiful life.  And I’m here for it, all of it.  And if you trust me, take a deep breath, and relax into the session. We are going to create some magical memories that you will love and cherish forever.








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