Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again.  It hits me the same every time.  It’s warm outside, the sun is streaming in my windows illimunating all the little dust bunnies under my couch, and accentuating the piles of clutter on my desk.  And I hate it.  Suddenly I am moved to action like I’ve never even seen a dust bunny before.  Those piles that have been sitting on my desk suddenly look monsterous and evil.  I HAVE TO CLEAN!  If only so that I can enjoy soaking up the sun with my kids in the backyard guilt free, knowing that those evil desk piles are gone, and the dust bunnies have been cleared away (for a few days at least).  And why am I telling you all of this you ask?  Well in this digital age, even my hard drive is screaming for a de-clutter!  It’s a well known (and probably laughed at fact) among my friends and family that I am an official picture “hoarder.”  I try to clean up my hard drive, I do!  But then my mouse hovers periliously over the dreaded “delete” button, and I just can’t do it.  I’m weak.  In fact the only deleting that I’ve done in the recent past has been forced on me.  I have only deleted when my hard drive is so full that it won’t let me download any more pictures!  In honor or spring and my effort to change (hey admitting I have a digital hoarding problem is the first step right?) I’m begging you to please take some of these digital files to YOUR house instead of staying at mine.  Then I really won’t have to feel bad hitting that awful delete button.

This is my very long and round about way of saying “Hey I’m having a spring cleaning digital sale.”

From now until the end of May purchase all of your digital files from a previously shot session for half price!  This includes all sessions from 2012 (and ahem probably 2011 also cough, cough) and because I”m really trying to change I’m also including 2013 sessions as well.   Knowing my love of hoarding this probably won’t happen again for another 2-3 years hehehehe…. so take me up on this offer while I”m feeling brave!  You can email me at nicoleratliffphotography@hotmail.com  for more info and to “make sure” that I still have your files (who am I kidding, I’m sure I do)


See how old this is?  This is my middle daughter Makenna when she was only 2!


I’m a pretty simple gal, I love Jesus, my handsome hubby and my 4 not so tiny kiddos teenagers. I love the beach and feeling the sun on my shoulders and the wind in my hair. I love wild color, and crazy love. I love coffee and bacon and tacos. Tending my garden and chickens feed my soul. If you will let me in, I promise to capture a little part of your one wild and beautiful life, and all the things that make YOU happy.