Showing off my albums {southern oregon wedding photographer Brookings, Oregon}

Over the years my business has evolved and changed many times.  I’ve been photographing other people for over 8 years.  In the beginning I gave everyone a disc or USB with their images on them.  Many of these clients have turned into friends, and I would run into them years later, and I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard the same sad story.  It goes something like this, ” Oh my gosh, we just love all those pictures that we had done with you.  But we never actually did anything with them.  They are still sitting in my desk drawer waiting for me.  Someday I’ll get to it”  Talk about breaking my little artist heart!  I want you guys to have great big lovely images on your walls, and gorgeous albums in your hands to share with your kids, with your friends, to enjoy every day and to someday pass down to your kids.  I’ve heard so many similar stories that I knew it was time to change how I did business!  I wasn’t finishing my job as your photographer.  Leaving the printing and finishing job undone, just isn’t good enough for me anymore.  So NOW I am a full service photographer.  I offer prints, canvas collections, framing, albums, metals.  And I help each and every client design their wall art or custom album start to finish.  No more guessing what sizes will look good on your wall.  No more sending images to a crummy online lab to get a mediocre photo book, that looks nothing like the original images, and best of all NO MORE CD’S sitting in drawers!  You guys, I couldn’t be happier to be doing this for you.  It makes my heart soar, and I know it does yours too.  Here’s some previews of some of our most amazing products you can expect when you book a session with me.


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I’m a pretty simple gal, I love Jesus, my handsome hubby and my 4 not so tiny kiddos teenagers. I love the beach and feeling the sun on my shoulders and the wind in my hair. I love wild color, and crazy love. I love coffee and bacon and tacos. Tending my garden and chickens feed my soul. If you will let me in, I promise to capture a little part of your one wild and beautiful life, and all the things that make YOU happy.