Newborn Session in Studio Brookings Oregon

Okay you guys get ready for some SERIOUS cuteness!  Cutie alert, cutie alert!!!!  This little guy was such a sweetie.  He’s the baby of 8 kids, and apparently he already knew just what to do as the baby of the family.  He’s totally chill, and totally handsome.  I know he is going to be seriously loved on by all of his older siblings.  Did I also mention that 6 of his older siblings are girls???? So I’m thinking he’s got a lot of little mamas to keep this little guy happy and smiling.  On a more serious note, he was also a twin, but sadly his twin brother did not make it to term.  And so we created an image to remember his brother that we will only get to meet in Heaven one day.  I never know how a mama will react when creating an image like this, but this mama was so so thankful and grateful to have a concrete and tangible way to remember her son who didn’t make it.  What a bittersweet and wonderful day this was.  Joyful for what is, and yet sad for what was.  Thankful for Heaven and the knowledge that the whole family will be reunited one day <3


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