Gorgeous Family on the Beach {Brookings, Oregon Family Photographer}

I’ve been photographing this gorgeous family since I very first started out in photography.  We’ve become fast friends over the years, and it’s been a joy and a privilege to watch their family grow from 4-6.  I don’t live at all near them anymore, but they still traveled all the way to Brookings for their family session this year.  I’m sure it helps that I now live in one of the most beautiful places on earth!  You really can’t get any better than the Oregon coast line, I have my secret spots that I love where you will only find locals hanging out.  But I also love some of the more popular options like Harris Beach State Park.  The way that the forest just tumbles right into the sea is really spectacular.  And then of course the stunning rock formations in the water that Oregon is famous for, really make for an unbeatable backdrop.  This beautiful family also let’s me style their wardrobe, and it fit in perfectly with the colors of our sunset.  Of course their sparkly personalities all shone through too, and that is where the magic is really made.

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