Fruit Bath Toddler Session in our Brookings Oregon Studio

This little one adores fruit the way most kids adore cake (though I suspect she likes cake too!) So it seemed only fitting that we create a whole bath full of her favorite fruit, some cute little flowers, and some sunshine and plop this adorable baby right in there!  She was 100% down for this fun.  I’m not sure that she will ever be interested in bathing sans fruit again.  We may have spoiled her for life with the princess treatment.  She definitely felt the need to clean each piece of fruit thoroughly before enjoying her strawberries, and overall had an absolute blast washing and splashing.  And honestly… I might have had just as much fun capturing it all as she did playing in it.  After she was all clean we headed into the studio with her nice clean jammies and captured a few more images.  This session was 100% toddler led.  She told us what she wanted to do, and we followed.  This relaxed type of session is exactly what baby and toddler sessions should be about.  Toddler’s having fun!


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