Family is Everything {Brookings Oregon Family Photographer}

These little ones make me crazy and happy all at the same time.  Meet my own 4 precious children!  I am just loving spring time in Sonora.  There is green everywhere, and seriously it makes me giddy with excitement.  Add in some delicious watermelon, and yah I’m in Heaven.  And so are they 😉  They have some serious photographer child syndrom, but bribing them with food normally works wonders.  This time was no exception.  The slurped it up happily, and gave me a couple quick smiles in between.  What more could a photog mama ask for? Nothing <3sonora-family-lifestyle-photographersonora-family-photographysonora-family-photography-kidssonora-kids-family-photographertuolumne-family-kids-photographertuolumne-kids-family-photography

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