Extended Family: What to Wear!

You are gathering together with grandparents, aunt, uncles and cousins and have decided to do some family pictures with all the generations. This is amazing and a great keepsake for everyone, not to mention an important milestone to document. If you want your keepsake to keep looking timeless and classic for decades to come, you have come to the right place and I want to share my biggest do’s and don’ts for what to wear in these extended family sessions.

First and foremost, DO NOT wear the same thing. The best photo’s have a mix of neutrals, textures, and accessories. Jeans and white/black tee shirts is just not fun and does not flatter all skin tones. Show some personality and have each individual represented as their unique self!

DO wear clothes that allow for movement, I love the way the wind will move dresses and tops to create a living element in your still photo. Plus, it allows for lots of poses where you can capture the dynamics in your family in comfort and ease.

DO NOT wear plaids or logo based apparel, they are too busy for a large family shoot and takes away from the classic, timeless, masterpiece you are trying to create.

DO limit your bright colors and prints to just a few people, 2 max. It will add a great dynamic element to your family photo. But if everyone is in bright colors, then there is no where for the eye to rest and it will seem overwhelming.

DO NOT wear sleeveless tops, but allow for off the shoulder on the women in your family. This provides a more flattering visual in your finished canvas that everyone will appreciate.

DO feel free to contact me before your shoot so I can help provide color scheme idea’s and offer any suggestions so that your extended family shoot is the best it can possibly be!

This sweet family went with a neutral color palette, and then added in plenty of texture, with the linen fabrics, chunky knit sweater, scarfs, a denim jacket, and a few adorable hats finished off the look for a timeless look.  Never underestimate the power of a good accessory!  The number one thing to remember when styling your extended family shoot is that the colors  you wear are the paints that we are using to create your custom art work.  The colors and textures make a very big impact on your overall finished product.





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