Embrace the Adventure!

One of the best things about the Oregon coast is that it is rugged and majestic. This means, in order to fully experience all that it has to offer, you get to go on adventures. Recently, I went on one of the best adventures with Richard and Selina.

To start off their new adventure into married life, they drove all the way from Michigan to elope at Natural Bridges in Brookings, Oregon. This particular beach requires an intense hike down steep cliffs. There is even a section that requires a rope to let yourself down! This is not for the faint of heart, but this couple embraced the adventure and wore their tennis shoes and just went for it.

Marriage is one of the greatest adventures in life, and to begin it in such a unique way is one of my favorite things to capture as a photographer. I love when couples are not afraid to embrace all love and life has to offer. I also love shooting elopements because it really allows the beauty and love that a couple shares to be captured without distractions. It really becomes their special day to celebrate this new adventure.

There are so many amazing, wild, and untamed area’s left to explore. If you are looking for a unique location that is secluded and ready for you to make the first memories there, let me know! I am always up for an amazing, epic adventure, so lets lace up our hiking boots and go for it!  From the majestic Redwood forest trails in Jedediah Smith State Park, to the rugged and wild Oregon coast in the Samuel H. Boardman corridor all of it makes for epic adventures and stunning backdrops that you won’t soon forget if you choose to get married here.








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