Gorgeous Monterey California Wedding ~ Beach Wedding ~ Nicole Ratliff Photography

This couple is absolutely the sweetest, so when they called to see if I would travel down to Monterey, Ca. to shoot their wedding it was a definite YES! They had their ceremony down on the beach and the weather was absolute perfection for their afternoon ceremony. Their love for each other is simply shining through in their whole day. And HELLO fun reception. I normally tend to favor the ceremony and the moments leading up to it, but these guys sure had a great time. Their joy was contagious! Now I’m gonna shut up and let the photos do


Gorgeous Family on the Beach {Brookings, Oregon Family Photographer}

I’ve been photographing this gorgeous family since I very first started out in photography.  We’ve become fast friends over the years, and it’s been a joy and a privilege to watch their family grow from 4-6.  I don’t live at all near them anymore, but they still traveled all the way to Brookings for their family session this year.  I’m sure it helps that I now live in one of the most beautiful places on earth!  You really can’t get any better than the Oregon coast line, I have my secret spots that I love where you will only find


Beautiful tween {Brookings Oregon Teen and Child Photographer}

This girl!  I’m partial because she’s my own, but she is so fabulously stunning I can’t even handle it.  For her 12’th birthday, I wanted to help her feel like the rockstar that she already is.  We went shopping and picked up this adorable new dress, then on to the beauty salon for some simple makeup.  I had promised at some point that she could start to wear some simple makeup on her 12’th birthday, and you better believe she wasn’t going to let me forget about it!  Of course she doesn’t need a drop of it, but a mom



“I’m a pretty simple gal, I love Jesus, my handsome hubby and my 4 not so tiny kiddos teenagers. I love the beach and feeling the sun on my shoulders and the wind in my hair. I love wild color, and crazy love. I love coffee and bacon and tacos. Tending my garden and chickens feed my soul. If you will let me in, I promise to capture a little part of your one wild and beautiful life, and all the things that make YOU happy.”