Baby Girl Newborn Photoshoot in the Studio in Brookings Oregon

Ahhh baby G is just the cutest!  I could not get over how tiny she was.  I got to see her at a squishy and wonderful young age of just under 3 weeks old.  And she was still just about 5 pounds.  For referrence she was less than half the size of my largest baby lol.  So you can understand how she would seem like a teeny tiny doll to this mama who happens to make quite large chunky squishy babies.  She was a dream to photograph, and snored loudly through our whole session, we even got a little video


Newborn Session in Studio Brookings Oregon

Okay you guys get ready for some SERIOUS cuteness!  Cutie alert, cutie alert!!!!  This little guy was such a sweetie.  He’s the baby of 8 kids, and apparently he already knew just what to do as the baby of the family.  He’s totally chill, and totally handsome.  I know he is going to be seriously loved on by all of his older siblings.  Did I also mention that 6 of his older siblings are girls???? So I’m thinking he’s got a lot of little mamas to keep this little guy happy and smiling.  On a more serious note, he was


Brookings Oregon Backyard Wedding

This little wedding was intimate, sweet and all around perfect.  I’m totally a sucker for the smaller weddings.  There is just something about being present with just a few of your closest friends and family to witness the love that the 2 of you share.  It’s so personal and meaningful.  These two and their wedding was no exception.  Totally in love, and it showed!  The details of the venue were absolutely breathtaking, and then this couple added the perfect finishing touches to make it even better with all of their personalized details.  And hello this gorgeous brides dress and bouquet!!!! 


Beach Family Session

I can’t even really begin to tell you what a joy it is when a family asks me to capture their memories year after year.  It really shows how much they love their family, and how much they value preserving their memories for a lifetime.  It always feels like a huge responsibility to be trusted to be the one to capture these moments for a family.  I really do love my job so much, and I pour my heart and soul into every single session that I do.  Sometimes I only see families once and that’s okay too, but what



“I’m a pretty simple gal, I love Jesus, my handsome hubby and my 4 not so tiny kiddos teenagers. I love the beach and feeling the sun on my shoulders and the wind in my hair. I love wild color, and crazy love. I love coffee and bacon and tacos. Tending my garden and chickens feed my soul. If you will let me in, I promise to capture a little part of your one wild and beautiful life, and all the things that make YOU happy.”