Beautiful Garden Sunset Session {Brookings oregon family photographer}

This family is just the cutest.  And little Hope is a doll.  I’ve had the honor of photographing her several times, and every time she charms me!  This time we chose a really fun location for their family session.  It’s supposed to be a well manicured flower nursery…. but this time when I showed up there were no flowers.  Talk about throwing me for a loop.  The nursery was in between plantings, and everywhere we looked there were empty mounds of dirt.  Urmmm not the most inspiring background for our session.  However just behind the well manicured albeit flowerless gardens, there was a wild and much less organized veggie garden.  I would never have guess it, but it made the PERFECT back drop for our time together.  Little Hope had a blast picking and eating some tiny left over tomatoes, and she found the perfect baby size watermelon, and insisted on carrying it around for the whole session <3  No seriously guys, she’s amazing, and spunky and so much fun!  I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

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