Beautiful Birth {Curry county birth photorapher}

I had the absolute priviledge of being invited in to witness a truly beautiful birth a few weeks ago.  This mama was strong, determined, and so very beautiful and primal in her efforts to bring her precious little girl into this world.  It was my first time at the Sierra Natural Birth Center, here in Sonora California.  I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to find it easily in the dark, since we’ve only lived in Sonora for a few months.  My fears however were relieved when I arrived and realized the Birth Center is only 4 miles from my house!  I’m sincerely hoping to be able to capture more births there again soon, as it was so close to my house.  The actual birthing center is really lovely inside.  All the charm of an older comfy house, with all the convience of a recently rennovated and modern space.  It just felt right!  As I walked up to the door I could hear the familiar sounds of a woman working hard at the business of labor.  And sure enough within an hour I had witnessed a sweet new baby slipping easily earthside.  It was amazing.  And all I can say is I’m HOOKED.  Let me capture the sweetest, truest moments of new life any day <3birth-photography-sonora-tuolumne-county-californiabirth-photography-tuolumne-county-sonorasonora-tuolumne-county-birth-photoraphytuolumne-birth-photographer-1tuolumne-birth-photographytuolumne-county-newborn-birth-photographertuolumne-sonora-birth-photographertuolumne-sonora-birth-photoraphy


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