Anniversary session at Lone Ranch Beach

Shelby and Carl are the absolute cutest couple!  They were vacationing in Brookings, OR. for their first anniversary and decided that photos to commemorate would be perfect, and I totally agree.  We headed out to the very first stop on the Samuel Boardman corridor, which has a super cool beach with lots of those rock formations that the Oregon Coast is known for.  It’s a fabulous beach for photos as it’s normally empty, the secluded and private beach makes intimate portraits easier.  Plus it’s just a simple short walk down from the parking lot, which is always a bonus around here!  Many of our locations are not easily accessible and can often require a hike.  But this one is really easy, and has a big payoff with the gorgeous scenery and beautiful light.  I just love Shelby’s flowy dress, it moved with the wind and was perfect for our beach location.  These guys are truly in love and it shows, they made my job super simple.  They also brought their doggy family along for their photos, and oh my gosh it was perfection!  Incorporating the things you love into your session is a fabulous way to make it personal and meaningful to you and your family.  And if it happens to be your furry family, all the better.



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