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    I am Nicole Ratliff, a busy mom to 4 kids, and pastors wife to an amazing husband. I see life in pictures, and there is nothing more wonderful to me than capturing a sweet newborn sleeping, a playful child twirling, or the true love and affection between a family. My goal is to catch the magical everyday moments that are happening all around us, and turn them into a lasting memory.

    I work mostly in the Brookings, Oregon, Gold Beach, Oregon, and Crescent City, California areas. Although I'm happy to make arrangements for on location shoots, and destination weddings!

    I shoot everything from births, newborns, children, families, tweens, seniors, engagement, and weddings, and I love it all. I've spent most of my last 6 years in business shooting children and families, and have more recently branched out into weddings, and found that I truly adore shooting weddings as well.

    I would truly love to work with you to make your memories last forever. Contact me today to book your session. 408-706-8706 or

Big Changes!

It’s been so remarkably quiet here for the last few months.  And with good reason, we packed up our family and moved!  It was a touch decision for us, as we have planted roots firmly in Gilroy and have so many dear friends and family in the area.   But change can be good, and at the very least it’s always exciting.  Our home sold much quicker than anticipated so we are currently residing with family in Riverbank, ca.  This is a short term move, and the long term destination is still unknown!  See I told you exciting.  The great news is my personal life is far less busy, so I have lot’s more time for blogging and taking fabulous photos.

In the meantime I will be be available for travel sessions back in Gilroy.  Some dates will be planned and announced on facebook, but if have a specific day in mind for your session please contact me to schedule early so I can arrange my schedule.  Otherwise this is great news for all of my Modesto area friends!  I’ve been busy scoping out new locations in the area, and have had great luck so far.  I’m thinking it might be time for some family mini sessions in the next few weeks.  Until then, here are a few sweet shots of my own little family.  They make great guinea pigs for location scouting.







Senior Model Representatives

Calling all High School Seniors! I am looking for one senior model rep from each of these schools: Gilroy High, Christopher High, and San Benito High. Must be socially active in your school, outgoing, and available for a custom photo shoot before 8-19. If you are chosen you will receive a FREE hour long custom photo session, a full social media package to update your facebook, Instagram, and other sites with awesome photos, and an 8×10 for your parents to hang in the house (extra prints can be purchased at the normal fee) You will also receive 50 rep cards to hand out to friends, that will feature your best photo. To apply email me at with your name, age, high school you attend, activities you are involved in, and a quick picture.

A day in the life….

Today I had a lovely conversation with an older mom.  And by older I mean in her 90′s now.  She raised 4 children…. and she survived!  It gives me hope, that I may actually live to see 90 even though some days it feels like I may drown in the sea of laundry, die of whining overload, or suffer from death by lego (you know that terrible moment when you step on a tiny toy… yah).  So what did this awesome lady have to say to me?  She said to live in the moment, enjoy the crazy chaos, and embrace every detail, because soon enough it’s over.  And then these tiny people that call me mom, will be independent teenagers who don’t want my advice, and not cuddly 8 year olds who think I rock.

I’ve been toying with the idea of “Day in the life” sessions for a while, and now it’s cemented in my mind!  If you have small children living at home, you NEED to do this.  These are the real memories that you will want to keep forever.  Any mom will tell you their kids aren’t always dressed perfectly, with clean faces and a smile.   That’s the cute version of their kid, but not the real life, every day version of them.  More often they are covered in dirt, and marker, and making a huge mess at the breakfast table.

For this type of session, I will come to your home for 2-3 hrs and shoot your family doing what you normally do.  If your family loves to cook together, then we’ll get pictures of that.  If your kids love bath, and story time, then that’s what we’ll do.  If you guys are all about going to the park and flying high on the swings, then that’s what I want to capture!  This is a totally customizable session, fit for your family exactly.  You and I will spend time discussing what your family is all about, and create an amazing experience that is uniquely you.   Don’t wait until your house is perfect, or you lose just a little more baby weight.  Because our kids really don’t care about that!  And neither will you when you’re kids are grown and your house is empty, quiet and in perfect order;)

Because I’m so excited about this I’m offering day in the life sessions for $50 off the normal price in the month of June!  I am only available to shoot this type of sessions on Saturdays, so book yours fast!  Those Saturday dates fill up very quickly.

Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again.  It hits me the same every time.  It’s warm outside, the sun is streaming in my windows illimunating all the little dust bunnies under my couch, and accentuating the piles of clutter on my desk.  And I hate it.  Suddenly I am moved to action like I’ve never even seen a dust bunny before.  Those piles that have been sitting on my desk suddenly look monsterous and evil.  I HAVE TO CLEAN!  If only so that I can enjoy soaking up the sun with my kids in the backyard guilt free, knowing that those evil desk piles are gone, and the dust bunnies have been cleared away (for a few days at least).  And why am I telling you all of this you ask?  Well in this digital age, even my hard drive is screaming for a de-clutter!  It’s a well known (and probably laughed at fact) among my friends and family that I am an official picture “hoarder.”  I try to clean up my hard drive, I do!  But then my mouse hovers periliously over the dreaded “delete” button, and I just can’t do it.  I’m weak.  In fact the only deleting that I’ve done in the recent past has been forced on me.  I have only deleted when my hard drive is so full that it won’t let me download any more pictures!  In honor or spring and my effort to change (hey admitting I have a digital hoarding problem is the first step right?) I’m begging you to please take some of these digital files to YOUR house instead of staying at mine.  Then I really won’t have to feel bad hitting that awful delete button.

This is my very long and round about way of saying “Hey I’m having a spring cleaning digital sale.”

From now until the end of May purchase all of your digital files from a previously shot session for half price!  This includes all sessions from 2012 (and ahem probably 2011 also cough, cough) and because I”m really trying to change I’m also including 2013 sessions as well.   Knowing my love of hoarding this probably won’t happen again for another 2-3 years hehehehe…. so take me up on this offer while I”m feeling brave!  You can email me at  for more info and to “make sure” that I still have your files (who am I kidding, I’m sure I do)


See how old this is?  This is my middle daughter Makenna when she was only 2!

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