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    I am Nicole Ratliff, a busy mom to 4 kids, and pastors wife to an amazing husband. I see life in pictures, and there is nothing more wonderful to me than capturing a sweet newborn sleeping, a playful child twirling, or the true love and affection between a family. My goal is to catch the magical everyday moments that are happening all around us, and turn them into a lasting memory.

    I work mostly in the Brookings, Oregon, Gold Beach, Oregon, and Crescent City, California areas. Although I'm happy to make arrangements for on location shoots, and destination weddings!

    I shoot everything from births, newborns, children, families, tweens, seniors, engagement, and weddings, and I love it all. I've spent most of my last 6 years in business shooting children and families, and have more recently branched out into weddings, and found that I truly adore shooting weddings as well.

    I would truly love to work with you to make your memories last forever. Contact me today to book your session. 408-706-8706 or

A week at the beach {gold beach brookings oregon, family photographer}

I’m in love with the ocean.  Let’s start there.  The way it sounds.   The way is smells.  The awe inspiring, breathtaking, aching beauty of it all.  Once I get there I never want to leave.  So it only makes sense that our latest trip to the Southern Oregon coast has produced some of my most favorite photos to date.  I just can’t help but be inspired.  My poor children were sick to death of the camera once I was done.  But you can’t tell it by these photos.  Obviously they love me 😉  I didn’t really plan their wardrobe choices well enough before we left (I was too darn excited to get to the Ocean!), but we made do with a little thrift store shopping, and some creativity.  I also brought along my sister on this trip and was able to get INTO some of these pics!  Yipeeeeee!  So glad I did.  We were in desperate need of some new family photos.  As soon as we move into our new home, there will be some big prints happening.  I can’t imagine that I’ll have very many bare walls after this.  There are a LOT of photos…. are you ready for this?

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Where the Wild Things Are {brookings oregon family photographer}

You remember the old book from your childhood right?  Where the Wild Things Are.  It’s a book of whimsy, magic, imagination and ADVENTURE!  That exactly how I feel about these photos from our most recent visit to the Oregon coast.  The cool mist creates an almost ethereal quality, mix that in with the gorgeous sunshine, some kids who are happy, wild, and free… and you get this.  Pure perfection… full of dirty faces, messy clothes, and childhood magic.  I couldn’t adore them any more.






Momtographer Class

  I am so excited to be announcing the very first “momtographer” class!  Are you a mom who loves taking tons of pictures of your kids, but you don’t feel confident using that fancy dslr that you got for Christmas?  Or maybe you’re not a mom, but you love capturing special moments, or beautiful scenery.  Then this class is for you!  We will be learning all the basics about your dslr, we will get you out of auto mode on your camera and working in full manual mode, where the options are endless.  We will also talk about finding great light, composition, and some of my personal tips and tricks for getting your kids to cooperate while you snap photos.



Who is this class for?

Anyone with a dslr camera who is interested in learning more about their camera and how to make your snapshots really shine.  Even if you’re a total beginner, and have never done more with your camera than turn it on and snap away, this will be a great introduction for you.  And if you do know a bit more about your camera, and some of it’s basics, you will still benefit from our time together.  There will be plenty of time to ask questions, and to get personal one on one help, with things you’ve been struggling with.   This class is for moms, hobbyists and enthusiasts.   It is not appropriate for anyone in business or planning to pursue a photography business in the next year.  

What do I need to bring?

~ dslr camera

~ any lenses that you own

~ your camera manual if at all possible

~notebook/ipad for taking notes

~ questions!  This is a beginner class after all

~ comfy shoes and clothes, we will be learning and shooting outdoors

What you will receive.

~ 90 min crash course on your camera, lighting, exposure, composition, tips & tricks for shooting kids, and where to print your photos

~ 1 hr of guided shoot time with cooperative models, a beautiful setting, and plenty of help

~  30 min observation photo session,  of how I pose, shoot, and use light

~ quick tips reference guide to refer back to at a later time

~ water, and snacks to keep up your energy

When, Where, and How Much?

~ Saturday June 28’th 3-6 pm

~ Syngenta Flower Gardens

~ Early bird Registration $99 by June 7’th

~After June 7’th registration is $125

~ Registration must be paid in full to reserve your spot in the class


~ Please use the paypal button below to complete your purchase.  Please note you do not need a paypal account to use the paypal link.  After you’ve completed payment, please be on the lookout for a welcome email from me, it will arrive to the email address that you’ve provided to paypal.  Thank you!

Big Changes!

It’s been so remarkably quiet here for the last few months.  And with good reason, we packed up our family and moved!  It was a touch decision for us, as we have planted roots firmly in Gilroy and have so many dear friends and family in the area.   But change can be good, and at the very least it’s always exciting.  Our home sold much quicker than anticipated so we are currently residing with family in Riverbank, ca.  This is a short term move, and the long term destination is still unknown!  See I told you exciting.  The great news is my personal life is far less busy, so I have lot’s more time for blogging and taking fabulous photos.

In the meantime I will be be available for travel sessions back in Gilroy.  Some dates will be planned and announced on facebook, but if have a specific day in mind for your session please contact me to schedule early so I can arrange my schedule.  Otherwise this is great news for all of my Modesto area friends!  I’ve been busy scoping out new locations in the area, and have had great luck so far.  I’m thinking it might be time for some family mini sessions in the next few weeks.  Until then, here are a few sweet shots of my own little family.  They make great guinea pigs for location scouting.







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