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    I am Nicole Ratliff, a busy mom to 4 kids, and pastors wife to an amazing husband. I see life in pictures, and there is nothing more wonderful to me than capturing a sweet newborn sleeping, a playful child twirling, or the true love and affection between a family. My goal is to catch the magical everyday moments that are happening all around us, and turn them into a lasting memory.

    I work mostly in the Brookings, Oregon, Gold Beach, Oregon, and Crescent City, California areas. Although I'm happy to make arrangements for on location shoots, and destination weddings!

    I shoot everything from births, newborns, children, families, tweens, seniors, engagement, and weddings, and I love it all. I've spent most of my last 6 years in business shooting children and families, and have more recently branched out into weddings, and found that I truly adore shooting weddings as well.

    I would truly love to work with you to make your memories last forever. Contact me today to book your session. 408-706-8706 or

sweet baby Lucy {Curry, Del Norte county newborn photographer}

This precious little girl came to visit me at just 8 days old.  I’m swooning with delight, she is just beautiful!  And my goodness she knew just how to behave for her very first paparazzi session.  She was awake and happy some, she slept some, she lit up at the sound of her mamas voice across the room.  What more could a photographer ask for?  Oh maybe that she also has the most lovely full head of dark wavy locks?  Oh yah that!  And her beautiful blue eyes, and chubby little rolls.  Miss Lucy you are perfection <3


Some more very special family photos {Brookings oregon family photographer}

I mean is this little one not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?  She is full of wonder and magic, and everything that goes along with being 1.  I just love her and her adorable little family <3  100% worth the drive from Sonora over to visit with her little face.  Plus her connection with her mama and papa is really spectacular.  This is what I love!  Capturing the real true emotion between families.  Freezing those little moments forever in time to be remembered.  Makes my heart sing.  I know these photos will be held special for years to come.  And what can be better than that?

sonora family photographer
sonora family child baby photographer
sonora family photographer baby children maternity birth
sonora family photographer baby children maternity birth
sonora family photographer baby children maternity birth
sonora family photographer baby children maternity birth
sonora family photographer baby children maternity birth


Randy Wells - November 20, 2016 - 7:04 pm

Looking to have a photo session with my family. Please call me @ 541-500-7885

Beautiful Family {brookings oregon family photographer}

I have had the pleasure of knowing this beautiful little family for several years.  Their daughters are just pure gorgeous perfection with the most amazing dreamy eyes.  So when they asked me to travel from our new home in Sonora, Ca.  I of course jumped at the chance!  This session was totally worth the drive.  These little girls just stole my heart clean away with their cuteness, and fun little antics.  This session was seriously one that dreams are made of for me.   I love nothing more than capturing the real true strong love between a family.  And all the better when I can do it in a totally natural and playful way. 

sonora family photography
sonora family photographer
sonora ca family photographer 1
sonora ca family photographer
sonora ca family photographer
sonora ca family photographer 2
sonora ca family photographer 3
sonora ca family photographer 4
sonora ca famiy photographer
sonora ca family photographer 5
sonora family photographer
tuolumne county sonora ca photographer

Lillian - August 25, 2015 - 10:30 pm

I left you a message via Facebook. Please check it

Nicole Ratliff - August 25, 2015 - 11:38 pm

Messaged ya back Lillian 🙂

My dreamers. Beautiful & Unique {brookings oregon child photographer}

My girls.  Both beautiful.  So different.  So unique.  Each beautiful in their own way.  Pure adoration for them <3



Beach Sessions! {gold beach oregon family photographer}

I am so very excited to be offering beach sessions!  I adore the ocean (as we all know) and there is nothing I love more than the beach AND taking pictures.  I think the beach makes a super timeless classic backdrop that will never be out of style….unless of course you all wear kahki pants and white shirts, then we might be dating ourselves just a little.  Come be your normal happy selves, get a little wet if you’re up for it, and create some magical memories turned into art for your walls.  I can’t wait to see what we come up with together!


santa cruz california beach photography sessions

santa cruz california beach photography sessions

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