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He steals my heart {brookings oregon child photographer}

This is my youngest.  I’m not kidding guys, he’s got me wrapped around his little finger.  But really how can he not?  Let’s all just stop a minute and admire his cuteness lol.  Okay, Okay I know I’m a partial mama.  But gahhhhh.  He’s the baby and he knows it.  Here he is with his oranges (which he is absolutely obsessed with at the moment) and his “girlfriend”.  They’ve been best friends since…. well since they were in the womb, since his mama and I are best friends.  It’s only natural that they are too right?  I’m sure they won’t mind the arranged marriage that we have planned for them. 

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Pretty Little Wedding {Brookings, Oregon Wedding Photographer}

I had the absolute privilege of photographing Brandon and Kathy’s wedding.  They are just a fun, sweet couple.  And this was such a fabulous wedding with lot’s of great little details.  And my gosh the front of the hall!  Can we just stop and say wow.  I’m totally in love with the sweeping view of it all, the columns… it’s just lovely.  And of course Kathy’s dress was just a perfect match for the grandeur.  These 2 were up for anything, even walked into traffic just for me lol. 

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Capturing real families {brookings and gold beach oregon family photographer}

It’s always an honor to be asked to capture your families memories.  Always.  I love what I do, and I love it even more when the client gets real with me, let’s me see real expressions, and how they all really interact with each other.  This family was hilarious!  We all laughed our heads off the whole time.  And we even had some passerby’s in a truck laughing with us, and of course causing some more hilarious fits of laughter at their comments yelled as they passed.  Can’t get any better than a funny family, who is also willing to tromp through some tall grass with you, avoid an ants next, and climb some fences.  All in all a great experience with the Gift family <3

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Personal projects {gold beach & brookings oregon portrait photographer}

One of the ways that I like to grow as a photographer is to emulate cool ideas that I’ve seen online.  It’s always a push to try something new, to get out of my usual way of shooting or editing, and to grow!  I’m not interested in copying someone else, or being like anyone else, but sometimes you can take the idea, turn it into your own, and create something really cool and fresh.  I’ve always wanted pics of my girls in my own wedding dress.  I’m pretty sure they won’t want to wear it when they are actually are getting married, so this is a good substitute.  And more than that, a really awesome way to see just how little they are right now.  Even though it feels like they are growing a million miles a minute.  I know it will only get worse!  When someone figures out a way to stop time, and freeze these little girls in these perfect moments I’m all ears.  They grow too fast!

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