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    I am Nicole Ratliff, a busy mom to 4 kids, and pastors wife to an amazing husband. I see life in pictures, and there is nothing more wonderful to me than capturing a sweet newborn sleeping, a playful child twirling, or the true love and affection between a family. My goal is to catch the magical everyday moments that are happening all around us, and turn them into a lasting memory.

    I work mostly in the Brookings, Oregon, Gold Beach, Oregon, and Crescent City, California areas. Although I'm happy to make arrangements for on location shoots, and destination weddings!

    I shoot everything from births, newborns, children, families, tweens, seniors, engagement, and weddings, and I love it all. I've spent most of my last 6 years in business shooting children and families, and have more recently branched out into weddings, and found that I truly adore shooting weddings as well.

    I would truly love to work with you to make your memories last forever. Contact me today to book your session. 408-706-8706 or

Golf Course Wedding {Brookings & Gold Beach Oregon Wedding Photographer}

2015 was the year of the wedding for me!  I’ve turned down many many weddings over the years after doing a couple early in my photography career.  The first couple I did, I just didn’t love.  It’s sooooo much work, and I think because I had small babies at the time, it was just completely overwhelming for me.  I was not interested at all in pursuing shooting weddings.  All of that changed this year!  I decided since my kids are all a bit older now, that I would accept a few on a limited basis, and work them around my families schedule.  Guess what???? I fell in love!  I love shooting weddings now.  The love, the details, the party.  I love it all.  It’s like a whole new photography world has opened up to me, and I can’t wait to see where that takes me in 2016!  And this wedding was absolute perfection, especially as one of my first 10 weddings.  This couple have so much genuine love and friendship they made my job a piece of cake (wedding cake lol)!  Small, intimate, last minute, gorgeous, and super fun. 


Lucky Ducky {brookings oregon family photographer}

This amazing family won this session at a fundraiser.  As it turns out I was just as lucky to get to photograph them.  3 amazing sisters, and 2 amazing little ones, and 1 more on the way!  Seriously, they are the cutest.  We had a blast walking in downtown historical Jamestown, California.  So many beautiful old building, it’s like a photographers dream location. 

brookings oregon fam session 1
brookings oregon fam session 2
brookings oregon fam session 3
brookings oregon fam session 4
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brookings oregon fam session 7

Day in the Life {brookings oregon lifestyle photographer}

I got to try out a totally new concept with sweet little Caleb, and his awesome mama.  I spent 4 hrs just following them around, and documenting their every day life.  All these little moments add up to the parts of life we actually remember!  They are so important, so fleeting, and so…. ordinary.  This could not have been more fun for me.  We didn’t pose anything, didn’t dress up special, didn’t tell anyone what to do.  Just let life happen, and it was beautiful all on it’s own.  I know that in several years,  Sarah will be reminiscing and looking back at this regular old day, and loving every minute.  He’s so small, and that doesn’t last long.  Perfect, ordinary, every day grace.  FYI I would do this again any time for anyone ;)  No need to have a fancy house, just be you.

brookings family 5
brookings oregon family 1
brookings oregon family 2
brookings oregon family 3
brookings oregon family 4
brookings oregon family 5
brookings oregon family 6
brookings oregon family 7
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brookings oregon family 11


Cute little family {gold beach and brookings oregon family photographer}

Gahhhhh, ya’ll know how much I love babies.  And this one…… he’s so squishy and tiny and sweet as pie.  And his mama wraps him up, and holds him close.  Some of my very very best memories from when my kiddos were this small was wrapping them up.  Their sweaty little heads laying on my chest, just perfection.  Then you can so easily reach down and kiss their head that smells like heaven.  Nothing better.  Such a special session as a brand new family of 5!  These girls love their baby brother.  We had another beautiful garden session, with the most lovely light. 

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Beautiful Garden Sunset Session {Brookings oregon family photographer}

This family is just the cutest.  And little Hope is a doll.  I’ve had the honor of photographing her several times, and every time she charms me!  This time we chose a really fun location for their family session.  It’s supposed to be a well manicured flower nursery…. but this time when I showed up there were no flowers.  Talk about throwing me for a loop.  The nursery was in between plantings, and everywhere we looked there were empty mounds of dirt.  Urmmm not the most inspiring background for our session.  However just behind the well manicured albeit flowerless gardens, there was a wild and much less organized veggie garden.  I would never have guess it, but it made the PERFECT back drop for our time together.  Little Hope had a blast picking and eating some tiny left over tomatoes, and she found the perfect baby size watermelon, and insisted on carrying it around for the whole session <3  No seriously guys, she’s amazing, and spunky and so much fun!  I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

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