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    I am Nicole Ratliff, a busy mom to 4 kids, and pastors wife to an amazing husband. I see life in pictures, and there is nothing more wonderful to me than capturing a sweet newborn sleeping, a playful child twirling, or the true love and affection between a family. My goal is to catch the magical everyday moments that are happening all around us, and turn them into a lasting memory.

    I work mostly in the Brookings, Oregon, Gold Beach, Oregon, and Crescent City, California areas. Although I'm happy to make arrangements for on location shoots, and destination weddings!

    I shoot everything from births, newborns, children, families, tweens, seniors, engagement, and weddings, and I love it all. I've spent most of my last 6 years in business shooting children and families, and have more recently branched out into weddings, and found that I truly adore shooting weddings as well.

    I would truly love to work with you to make your memories last forever. Contact me today to book your session. 408-706-8706 or

Gorgeous Family on the Beach {Brookings, Oregon Family Photographer}

I’ve been photographing this gorgeous family since I very first started out in photography.  We’ve become fast friends over the years, and it’s been a joy and a privilege to watch their family grow from 4-6.  I don’t live at all near them anymore, but they still traveled all the way to Brookings for their family session this year.  I’m sure it helps that I now live in one of the most beautiful places on earth!  You really can’t get any better than the Oregon coast line, I have my secret spots that I love where you will only find locals hanging out.  But I also love some of the more popular options like Harris Beach State Park.  The way that the forest just tumbles right into the sea is really spectacular.  And then of course the stunning rock formations in the water that Oregon is famous for, really make for an unbeatable backdrop.  This beautiful family also let’s me style their wardrobe, and it fit in perfectly with the colors of our sunset.  Of course their sparkly personalities all shone through too, and that is where the magic is really made.

What I do {brookings oregon family and child photographer}

Some quick clips of me in action, doing what I love!

Beautiful tween {Brookings Oregon Teen and Child Photographer}

This girl!  I’m partial because she’s my own, but she is so fabulously stunning I can’t even handle it.  For her 12’th birthday, I wanted to help her feel like the rockstar that she already is.  We went shopping and picked up this adorable new dress, then on to the beauty salon for some simple makeup.  I had promised at some point that she could start to wear some simple makeup on her 12’th birthday, and you better believe she wasn’t going to let me forget about it!  Of course she doesn’t need a drop of it, but a mom has got to let their daughter grow up at some point….. I guess.  In the end she was feeling fabulous, and off we went, just the 2 of us to scout out the perfect spot to take her official “tween”age photos.  We laughed our heads off the entire time, and acted as crazy as possible, only stopping the crazy for a moment here and there to snap a few photos.  I think I like the finished product.  Although she looks super grown up, and I don’t know if I”m ready for that part of her life just yet.  I’m trying to slowly let go, and remind myself that the ultimate goal in parenting is to have raised a precocious child into an amazing adult who is ready to soar on her own.  

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Showing off my albums {southern oregon wedding photographer Brookings, Oregon}

Over the years my business has evolved and changed many times.  I’ve been photographing other people for over 8 years.  In the beginning I gave everyone a disc or USB with their images on them.  Many of these clients have turned into friends, and I would run into them years later, and I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard the same sad story.  It goes something like this, ” Oh my gosh, we just love all those pictures that we had done with you.  But we never actually did anything with them.  They are still sitting in my desk drawer waiting for me.  Someday I’ll get to it”  Talk about breaking my little artist heart!  I want you guys to have great big lovely images on your walls, and gorgeous albums in your hands to share with your kids, with your friends, to enjoy every day and to someday pass down to your kids.  I’ve heard so many similar stories that I knew it was time to change how I did business!  I wasn’t finishing my job as your photographer.  Leaving the printing and finishing job undone, just isn’t good enough for me anymore.  So NOW I am a full service photographer.  I offer prints, canvas collections, framing, albums, metals.  And I help each and every client design their wall art or custom album start to finish.  No more guessing what sizes will look good on your wall.  No more sending images to a crummy online lab to get a mediocre photo book, that looks nothing like the original images, and best of all NO MORE CD’S sitting in drawers!  You guys, I couldn’t be happier to be doing this for you.  It makes my heart soar, and I know it does yours too.  Here’s some previews of some of our most amazing products you can expect when you book a session with me.


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Beautiful Newborn {Brookings oregon newborn photographer}

It seems like the babies come in seasons for me, and recently I had several all in the same week.  Can I just say right now how much I adore shooting newborns <3  As my own babies get older and older, I just crave the squishy cuddling that I get while working with these gorgeous babes.  This little one is the youngest of 7!  Yes seven!  Her mama is a total rock star.  And this little one was absolutely perfect in the studio.  Just quiet, mellow, and sleepy.  And hello gorgeous!  To say I enjoyed having her over for a couple hours would be an understatement.  Now on to the pretty baby photos.


brookings gold beach oregon newborn photographer
brookings oregon baby and newborn photography
brookings oregon newborn photographer baby child
brookings oregon southern oregon newborn photographer
brookings oregon south coast newborn photographer

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